Frequently Asked Questions

What is Popleads?

Popleads is a system that provides managing the relationships with your customers, lead management, account management, contact management, campaign management, and deal management. Popleads application is enabling the companies to better serve their customers and keeping track of every interaction with them. It offers a complete review of all the activities that are made inside the company. Also, it`s providing full management of the employees.

What can a CRM systems (Popleads) do for me?

Popleads helps you recognize customers and prospective customers, understand their preferences, respond to their requests quickly and effectively. Archive, organize and maintain the whole interaction for each customer. All customer-related data is simply accessible.

How can CRM (Popleads) benefit my business?

Popleads can help you:

  • Raise customer satisfaction.
  • Anticipate customer needs and preferences.
  • Increase operating efficiencies.

How do I add a lead/contact?

You can add a lead/contact manually by entering the required information in the related fields.

How can I find already added contact?

You can search for it by typing keywords related to that contact in the search bar. The search results are displaying all the related leads, contacts, accounts, deals, tasks and notes which are containing the keyword.